Mr. Brodnitzki
AP Human Geography
Unit III – Culture
Wiki Group Research Assignment

  • In this assignment you will be working in groups of 2-3 to create a Wiki site focused on the Cultural traits of a specific World Region. Each group will work in collaboration to create and edit a website dedicated to the Culture of a World Region. It will be the responsibility of each group member to participate in the work for the finished assignment as each participant’s effort will be tracked throughout the process. Participation credit will be awarded each week throughout the project. This score will include both a student self-evaluation as well as my assessment of the progress of the wiki.
World Region
Group Members
Shanay & Janaya
East Asia
Jennifer & Anthony
South Asia
Janet & Bernd
Middle East
Breah, Jonathan, & Jordan
Latin America
Meghan & Chelsea
Extra Credit
All Class Members Welcome!!!
North America

Topics to be included in the Wiki:
1. World Region Homepage (50 points)
- Title for the page (5 points)
- Map of the Region (5 points)
- Pictures of the Physical & Cultural Landscape of the Region (20 points)
- Sound – Music from the Region (20 points)

2. Links from the World Region Homepage (separate page for each topic area) - (100 points)
- Language (20 points)
- Religion (20 points)
- Ethnicity (20 points)
- Gender (20 points)
- Popular and folk culture (20 points)

Topics to be included on each page. (5 points each)
- General overview of the topic
- Overview paragraph of the topic in the region.
- List of Cultural traits for each topic
- Pictures/Graphs/Charts – (visuals)

      • Extra Credit
        • Students can earn extra credit for adding edits to the North America page.

This assignment will be due on December 21. We will work on the multiple aspects of the project between now and then. Other smaller assignments will be completed between now and the due date that will help you with the essential and enduring understanding needed to complete the wiki.