An Ethnic Group: a group of humans who share a common geneaology/ancestory.

Ethnic Groups are identifyable by cultural, linquistic, religious, behavioral, and bioligical indicators.

A Race: the concept of dividing humans into groups defined by physical/visual traits. Concepts of race are often consideredt to be synonomous with taxonomy. Race can also be used in context as: race of men, race of superhumans. The idea is that the group is physically unique from others and that this unique physique can be visually determined.

Ethnicity vrs. Race: In today's society ethnicity is generally used in favour of race. This is because of scientific argument in support of doing so as well as political/social correctness. Either way, the two terms are used to divide humans into groups of people. Today ethnicity achieves this better than race does. This is because ethnicity deals with more than physical or visual differences, so there are more specific categories that can be applied to humans.

Ethnicity for East Asia may be difficult for outsiders to comprehend at first. Ethnicity in East Asia is based heavily on historical tradition and historical connections. The strong sense of ethnicity found in this part of the world can be understood more clearly by clicking on the links and seeing the more than many divisions of people.

The Ethnic Groups of East Asia:




North Korea

South Korea


Cultural Traits of Ethnicity Include:

The modern Chinese business person: A person of this East Asian culture group will be caught walking down the street in a Western-style business suit with briefcase in tow, and a cell phone at his or her ear. This is not a traditional ethnic group, but could be considered an emerging modern ethnic group.


Japanese Teenyboppers: This colorful group of humans is, well, COLORFUL! Their clothing style ranges from gothic-anime to glittery-bubblegum. The clothes are very expressive of the ability to be individuals. The wearers of these clothes, however are not teens, they are young adults who are college-aged or older. These characters also have cell phones connected their ears at all times. This is not a traditional ethnic group, but could be considered an emerging modern ethnic group.


Traditional Mongolian: The traditional Mongolian will be found with intricate head gear. The hat is made from fabrics and is highly ornate. Its background is often black, but it is covered with bright and bold colors such as varying reds, yellows, and greens. The shapes of this accessory vary due to functional and aesthetic values and often include tassels.


Mongolians climbing Mt. Thai in China:

These are an East Asian delicacy:

A Chinses Minority Group:

Traditional Chinses Kite: