Materials, products, systems, and services are the tangible (or other of the 5 senses) part of culture. They can be devided into popular and folk culture.

Geographically speaking, folk culture is dispributed in small clusters which are often hard to preserve or difficult to influence.

Pop culture comes from the economic upperclass societies who are trying to mimic the "better" cultures and techniques of other peoples.

Today, most East Asians live at some sort of a nexus between folk and popular culture.

Music is a distinctive cultural element. It reflects the values, interests, experiences, and cultural situation of the people who create and listen to it.

Presently East Asia is fighting both to protect and treasure its folk cultures in an attempt to sustain historic culture and absorb modern cultures in an effort to move-up in the economic world.

Have you ever wondered what music is popular in East Asia? Here is a short selection for your listening pleasure and interest:

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